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How to backup and transfer table configuration files

GMFC’s configuration is stored is a set of files that need to be backup regularly in case of a computer crash. If you change your cutting computer, you will also have to transfer these files to the new machine.

Table parameters such as their size and displacement speed are stored in a file named, with name being the name of the table. Foam cutting parameters such as the kerf and the speed are stored in a file named There is also a file named that summarizes all the tables. All these files are text based and can be edited with the notebook.

So where do you find these files?

Start GMFC, and open the dialog “GMFC/Configuration and Files”

The Configuration Directory is shown on top of this dialog.

Now open this directory using the file explorer. After exiting GMFC, you can backup the complete content of the directory or transfer it to a new PC.

When transferring to a new PC, you can copy the configuration files to any directory. Start GMFC, then open “GMFC/Configuration and Files” and set the configuration directory. You should now see your table and foam configurations.

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