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GMFC 4.0.2

Here is a new version for the beginning of the year.

There is an important novel feature that improves wire heat. When the wire sits on the table, its temperature is reduced by the table itself. Therefore, the wire temperature may be lower at the beginning of the cut. With this version, the wire raises up to 5mm above the table and waits for a given time before continuing the cut. In the table configuration, there is now two time parameters: one for un-gluing the wire from the table, and the time for temperature stabilization.

Parameters of the wire cleaning are now saved.

A bug in the non-detection of the GGC for Windows 10 has been corrected. Finally, few minor bugs introduced in version 4.0.1 have been corrected.

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Merry Christmas and GMFC 4.0.1

Santa was generous this year. He brought a new version of GMFC in his hood 🙂

Here are the novel features:

  • In variable heat mode, the maximum cutting speed is given by the max calibration speed.
  • The entry to the TE prologation and the round spar cutting speed are now indepedent from the profile cutting speed. This is a major improvement since dihedral in the spar or wing taper may severly impact cutting speed.
  • There is a new Xoffset option in the foam cutting dialog (PRO and EXPERT versions). This allows to quicky shape foam blocks at a given width.

Happy cutting between the turkey and the cake 🙂