Motor Interfaces

Interfaces for bipolar motors

MM2001 interface for unipolar motors

While unipolar motors are a little bit obsolete, there are still used on many foam cutting tables. For these motors, the MM2001 remains one of the simplest to Do It Yourself. Designers are Michel Maury, Jean-Francois Delhove, Alain Gleyze and Gérard Prat.

Documentation, Typon in pdf, Typon in LYT format

MM2001 Firmwares for the GGC V2 adapter:

  • Version V5.1. Motors and heat managed by the MM2001.

  • Version MM2001_GGC. Motors managed by the MM2001, heat managed by the GGC. Works with the GGC 50KHz timer.

A simple quartz-based timer board for motor interfaces without timer

PCB and files.