Foam Cutting Tables

Here are few designs so as to guide you in building your own table.

A first design by Gérard Prat

Présentation et plans, 25/10/99 version (in French).

The “rustica”

Building manual V2 (in French)26/09/2001 version. A superb manual by Daren Anguelkov.

plans V6 (in English)30/09/2001 version.

A cutting table made from Openbuilds components

My goal was to quickly build a fast and precise cutting table. You only need an Allen key wrench and a screwdriver for the assembly. Few pieces are made by 3D printing.

The complete description is available here.

1 thought on “Foam Cutting Tables

  1. Bon Jour Gilles.

    This link is to a CNC Foam Cutter that can be 3D printed. Files are free.

    In Spanish. I have been translating the bill of materials. See the comments section.

    Jim H

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