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New site

Welcome on the new GMFC site

4 thoughts on “New site

  1. Hi Gilles… It’s been awhile since I have talked to you.
    I use the Cut (Spar) menu to cut slots for wing tubes in a separate operation after the wing has been cut. This menu always defaults to a square spar and doesn’t save any data entered in the parameters for the spar. Would be possible to save this data with a project. Right now I am saving comments so I can remember what data I need to enter to cut these tube slots.

    1. Hi Joe,

      You can do that in the EXPERT version

  2. When I am in the Panel Cutting menu and I have decided to cut Left Wing, I would prefere that this choice is kept unless I switched back to Right Wing.
    For me it is irritatig to check the whole time whether or not I am still in Left Wing. It happened sometimes to me that when I want to cut Left Wing that the Right Wing cut was performed instead.
    Is there any possibility to prevent this autmatic return to Right Wing?

    1. Hi Wolfgang, Yes it could be saved in the project.

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