A new table design by Jorgen Pedersen

Jorgen Pedersen is the editor of the GMFC news letter and the author of many GMFC-based models. He is willing to share with anyone his latest table design with few conditions:

1. That if you use the plans you let him know—and provide updates
2. If you hit issues you notify us all so that we may all learn together
3. That these are never sold by anyone claiming them to be their own—To help prevent this he will be water marking the designs..

CNC Foam Cutter-Router New Design v15.pdf

Quote from the July 2018 GMFC newsletter:

My New/Next Machine

I wanted this next machine to be able to be both a CNC foam cutter and a CNC Router/Carver — which does introduce some complexities — particularly around the electronics. I also wanted to be able to change configuration from a foam cutter to a router in minutes — the design requires just 8 machine screws and the electronics reconfiguration (which will be automatic) to be converted from one mode
to the other.

Because of the complexities of the two modes, my complete tower assemblies move up and down, rather than just the bow hangers. By doing this I can then slave the two towers together to provide the vertical Router movement that I will require.

I have also now redesigned my towers to have 33” of movement. I really don’t think I need that much but after the issues with under sizing before I decided to maximize tower length on this occasion..